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Parrot Safari

By Jennifer Sopranzi

Captain Black Beak and his crew, Me Beauty Baby, Brave Bully, Cujo and Nicky sail aboard the Golden Wing in search of the famed silver bell. When Brave Bully learns that the evil feline Cap’n Scratch has stolen the beautiful silver bell from the hawk he hurries to tell his Captain Black Beak of the treasure.

The crew sails after the evil Cap’n Scratch to recover the bell. But Cap’n Scratch will not give up without a fight!

By Barbara Altenberndt

The crew of the Golden Wing team up with the famed Brazilian captain of the Amazon Princess, Captain Corqui. They seek the priceless treasure found at the bottom of the sea. Along the way they rescue Honu the sea turtle who helps them in their treasure hunt.

By Barbara Altenberndt

A young Black Beak sets out on his seafaring adventures as a swab aboard a ship called La Casse Bateau. The ship is manned by a crew of nasty reptiles who treat Black Beak as a slave. After being washed overboard by a storm, Black Beak is rescued by the beautiful mermaid, Coquille. But their adventures do not end there. Coquille is attacked by a giant eel and would have been lost but for the brave efforts of Black Beak.

By Jennifer Sopranzi

Black Beak and the crew of the Golden Wing travel to their home port of Conure Cove for the Mermaid Festival. But their celebrations are cut short when Cap’n Scratch steals the silver bell from the Golden Wing. Sandy the Sea Dog joins the crew in their quest to retrieve the silver bell and rescue some of Conure Cove’s citizens from the evil clutches of the cats in Litter Box Bay.

By Jennifer Sopranzi

When Billy Beeps is hurt in a fall, Captain Black Beak and the crew of the Golden Wing race to deliver his letter to Santa Claus in the North Pole. Braving treacherous ice and the bitter cold of the frozen north the crew is determined to get Billy’s letter to Santa before Christmas Eve.

By Barbara Altenberndt

While in port waiting for their sails to be repaired, the crew of the Golden Wing receives an urgent message. Black Beak’s love, the beautiful mermaid Coquille, has been kidnapped by evil iguanas. Honu the sea turtle has information that she was captured by Captain Degout of La Casse Bateau. This is the very same ship that held Black Beak slave as a young sailor. Our heroes must find and rescue Coquille before it’s too late.

By Jennifer Sopranzi

After listening to the tale of the zombie ship one Halloween eve, Cap’n Black Beak vows to hunt the ship down. Little did he realize how soon his vow would come true and that it may cost him a crew member.

By Barbara Altenberndt & Jennifer Sopranzi

In the crystal blue waters of the Southern Seas lies the home of the fierce pirate parrot Captain Black Beak. Welcome to Conure Cove, the beautiful Island home of the brave and gentle beasts and birds who live in this mystic land. These are the first seven tales of Captain Black Beak, the greatest pirate parrot to sail the seas. Long may his tales be told in stories, songs and poems. Reformatted to appeal to an older reader this collected work includes some all new material, along with the first seven adventures of Black Beak.

By Jennifer Sopranzi

Told in rhyme and with color illustrations, Ode to a Pirate Lad is the story of a young parrot who longs to be a pirate. But things do not turn out the way he expected.

By Jennifer Sopranzi

Told in rhyme and with color illustrations, The Voyages of Black Beak is the song celebrating the exploits of that famous parrot pirate Cap'n Black Beak.

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